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Thread: Tips for newbies - Why you're not making money + secret technique to generate income.

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    I know how to change it ;P m-z's Avatar
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    Tips for newbies - Why you're not making money + secret technique to generate income.

    After countless nights spent on watching porn on the internet you've finally realized that all those websites
    aren't there without a reason. Somebody is making them and is making money out of it. So after some research you've
    found Netpond, you've read dozens or hundreds posts for the last few days and you've made another discovery - They
    are not just making money, they're making living from internet porn. Probably at that point you started thinking
    "If they can make so much money I can to", so you've moved to Tutorials section and started reading one tutorial after another.
    That was probably the smartest thing you could do at that point - Netpond has probably the best tutorials about making money from porn.
    Now after reading all off those tutorials you know everything about this business, you're gonna be making blogs or splogs.
    You've probably already thinking about quiting your day job and just sitting on your couch and collecting money from all the sales you will make.
    But in reality there's a pretty good chance that you will give up after month or two or you will come back to Netpond asking why you're not
    making any money ? What you're doing wrong ? What's the secret technique everybody is using to make their income ?

    I'm not gonna be writing another tutorial because _LB_, thomasbyers, twan and others already covered pretty much everything what you should know in
    their tutorials but instead I'm gonna give you some tips and show you what are the most common mistakes people are doing. I will also reveal to you
    that secret technique they are using "and don't want you to know about it".

    1. It's a business so treat it like business.
    Making money from the internet is not sitting on the couch and collecting money. It's a business like every other business in the real world and needs
    to be treated like this if you want to succeed. First thing you should do before you will start building your first website or blog is to create business
    plan. Write everything on the paper, what websites you're gonna be making, how you will be promoting them, building backlinks, traffic, what will be your
    daily routine in managing your "business". Write everything down and follow it in the future making corrections as necessary.

    2. Keyword and industry research.
    When writing your blog you need to target some keywords even if you're not a seo guru it's good to know what keywords you should use in your posts to
    bring traffic to your blog. So before starting any blog or website do a keyword research, good free site for that is seobook.com/keyword-tools.
    Don't target high competitive keywords ex. porn, sex etc. Target keywords with less daily searches they are easier to get good serp for them. Once you're
    gonna do keyword research you should research sponsors. Find those that have good quality content in your niche, don't just pick first one you'll found.

    3. Splogs - automated money making machine.
    Many people get wrong idea about Splogs. They're reading terms like "Splogs - fully automated blog", "Splogs - automated money making machine" etc. and think that
    all they have to do is create hundreds of splogs to generate nice income but in reality something like "fully automated blog" or "money making machine" doesn't exist.
    No matter how many splogs you will create you're not gonna be making money out of it. Why ? Because only thing automated in splogs is content so you don't need to write your
    own posts. But you still need to promote them, build backlinks, generate traffic- just like with hand written blogs. So stop thinking about them as "automated money
    making machine" and start thinking as "Splogs: less time consuming, easier to manage than hand written blogs".

    4. Create you're own backlinks.
    It has been written a lot about thumblogger sensualwriter and about creating you're own network of blogs and interlinking the together. But many people forget about
    free hosts, sites that will let you create your site and host it free on their servers. Find those that allow adult or mature content and create mini sites on them with content
    relevant to your blogs. Link from them to your blogs to create free relevant backlinks (not the high quality but at least one way and relevant). Submit those mini sites to
    directories to get them listed in search engines.

    5. Know your website "sweet spots".
    Once you will have traffic on your blogs you need to know your "sweet spots", places or links that your visitors are clicking the most. It will let you know where are best places
    on your blogs to put advertising banners and what links your visitors are clicking. If you have link to TGP, linkdump site etc. and it got a lot of clicks it's a huge traffic leak for you. Instead of
    sending your traffic to that site create you're own and place you're link there - keep your visitors on your sites as long as you can. Good tool to know your "sweet spots" is ClickDensity

    Using those 5 tips together with the knowledge from tutorials will help you succeed in making money from porn.
    Now you're probably thinking where's the secret technique I've promised to reveal. Don't worry I didn't forget about it.

    6. Secret technique to create huge income from internet - What other webmasters don't want you to know.
    If you've read all my tips you should already know that secret technique. You still don't know it ? Read again first to sentences in tip #1 That's right there is no big secret about making money. Online
    business is not a get rich quick scheme, there's no shortcuts there's only hard work. All those people making good money on the internet didn't get to the point where they are in one night or one month.
    It takes time and work to make money from the internet and no they are not sitting on their couches counting sales their websites are generating they are still hard working to generate those sales.

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    Im starting to love this place and the points dont matter lol sexgenie's Avatar
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    nice. two thumbs up.

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    Yay! seeandsee's Avatar
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    Good tips, thanks for sharing!

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    Just a Tramp Tramp's Avatar
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    great post,..keeps us all grounded and focused! Thank you,..

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    splogmaster gedeon's Avatar
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    That was in my mind totally bro. Those are the essentials.
    1. Do not give up.
    2. The more you have the more you'll earn.

    So, I build a blog a couple months ago and stop updating it, and it's still getting uniqs.
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    I am Sleazybears Sex Slave
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    great post for newbies to the business like me, thanks m-z

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    i'm learning to blog... oh joy! PornBlogger's Avatar
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    thanks for sharing m-z.. keeping pushing it hard into our heads

    "work hard, and it is your business!"

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    I am Sleazybears Sex Slave
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    Apr 2008
    Great tips! Thanks for sharing!

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    Is Aga really Little Buddha?
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    Nice tutorial. I just want to say that an alternative program to click density is click heat. Either program works great!

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