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Thread: Amateur Model Website

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    Amateur Model Website

    Just a quick mention of a new original model/HC model site:
    Amateur Model Site

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    May 2010
    Design of your website needs to be improved.

    Check out other adult websites,most of the adult websites have black color background with erotic images or banners, why don't you follow it?

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    Ok thanks.

    But where does it need to be improved?

    The site isn't erotic and I don't want it to look like other sites....

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    im not here for the points it just looks like i am
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    May 2011
    What is the meaning of this site? You are selling content?

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    Yep selling original content

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    Site Update

    Guys, changed the design for - hope it's better.

    Here's an example of a new model:
    Attached Images Attached Images

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    Nice site, just browsed through it a bit. good looking models!

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    Apr 2012
    Hmmm good looking models and very...very good looking boobs.

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